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OKAY so I’m friends with this guy who’s my neighbors little brother. just friends.  well, he asks me to come over & chill with him, so I did. well this girl comes over to stay the night there too. k, no big deal. i’m going home anyway. well, I stayed at my neighbors for a few hours & watched a couple of movies with the boy.. & I went home. WHY? because I was bored, & again… we’re just friends. Well, I get back home & I wasn’t home for ten minutes & he texted me & told me to come cuddle with him. HMMM? okay, cool! sure thing. what girl doesn’t like to cuddle with a cute boy? well, we literally cuddled the whole damn night. it was great to be held and get my back rubbed OH & to get told how gorgeous I supposedly am. by the way, we’re cuddle while this girl  is in the other side of the room. she randomly wakes up & leaves, that’s cool. well about three hours later, she barges in there mumbled something then left.  OKAY, THANKS FOR BEING RUDE. Anyway, I was told today that that girl was there to hook up with the boy I was cuddling with. ooops?

I’m not in the wrong & I know i’m not. Nor do I feel bad. So fuck it.


I dunno if I should apologize or not. I’m really not sorry. you gotta give attention to get attention, because if you wait tooo long, he’ll invite another female to his bed.

& plus, un-conceitedly I look waaaay better than her. & i’m legal. ahha.

So should I just continue not to give a fuck? I think so?

Anonymous Asked:
Thong pic????<33

My answer:

get a life

tumblrbot Asked:

My answer:

dinos defff.

hottestloveandthecoldestend Asked:
That ass tho(;

My answer:

you’re a loser, cameron! can’t follow rules & ishh.

Anonymous Asked:
Can you post a pic of your ass please?

My answer:

why should i? ask me yourself, aha.

I'm Kayleigh, 19, NC. holla
twitter: @kayleighhhk

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